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Hi there,

I’m Saige Colbert, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my vibrant world of creativity and management! Here, I aim to give you a peek into my passion for artist development and share resources catering to the entertainment and hospitality industries. Dive into my page by clicking the links below for direct access to exclusive content and insights.

What I Bring to the Table in Hospitality & Performing Arts Training

  • Robust expertise in crafting engaging learning experiences by merging principles from the world of instructional design with the dynamism of hospitality and performing arts.

  • Over a decade of honing and applying instructional design strategies, drawing inspiration from both traditional and modern methodologies. My approach integrates the creativity inherent in performing arts with the precision required in hospitality training.

  • Proven ability to evaluate and enhance learning experiences. With a knack for both formative and summative evaluation, I analyze intricacies to provide recommendations that elevate the training and guest experience.

  • Adept in leveraging educational technology to amplify the impact of training. Proficient in multimedia production, specializing in instructional videos, adaptive e-learning, materials for both instructors and learners, and even incorporating elements of educational games.

  • Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills, cultivated through collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. Whether autonomously or within a team, my ability to lead ensures the seamless integration of hospitality finesse and performing arts creativity into educational endeavors.

Welcome to My World of Creativity and Management!

Allianza, Performing Artist 

“Working with Saige has been an amazing experience! 👏👏 With singing/songwriting as my specialty, I was still honing in on how to own my performing abilities in preparation for music video performances and Saige came in and displayed such a knack for bringing out the best performer in me. Her movement direction on set is so clear and easy to follow and her private choreography sessions are full out creative works of art! This woman has an eagle eye for detail and only produces excellence. I would recommend Saige’s artist development for any artist who is looking to take their presence to the next level. I feel so grateful to have been able to work with her ✨💕”

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